Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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puppysmuggler: we have a hide-a-bed!
jurnee78: how do you find it?
puppysmuggler: kitty does that part for us
jurnee78: lol
puppysmuggler: "say, what's that thing kitty's sitting on?"
puppysmuggler: "hey! I think it's the hide-a-bed!"
puppysmuggler: "Oh, kitty, you're the TOPS!"
jurnee78: awww
jurnee78: kitties are ggggggggreat!
puppysmuggler: they are!
puppysmuggler: packed with vitamins, too!
jurnee78: eek!
jurnee78: and hairballs!
jurnee78: chock full of protein!
puppysmuggler: and cat poop!
jurnee78: eww
jurnee78: too much of that
jurnee78: i wish they came without it
puppysmuggler: "buy now and save! poop-free cats! they just sweat a lot!"
jurnee78: lol!
jurnee78: they're probably super cranky too
jurnee78: always constipated
puppysmuggler: gross!
puppysmuggler: *laughing*
jurnee78: keep straining...but nothing comes out!
jurnee78: bleh!
jurnee78: imagine the look on their face!
jurnee78: like those pug faced cats...only worse
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