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fifty... six... K... modem...

*insert shriek of agony here*

So, I'm home. Turns out mum and dadoo are borrowing my grandma and grandpa's computer. HAHAHAHA! For some reason that really cracks me up. My parents' don't have a functioning box, but my grandparents have a spare. Gramma and Grandpa are so cool. Gonna have to go see them very soon!! Yes!

Andy (brudder-in-law) and I are going to go hang out today after I go with mum to her little quilty lunch get-together. I think me and Andy are going to get new tattoos. It's been 4 years for me and 2 for him since we last got ink. I'm going to get the VW symbol on the nape of my neck. Yes, I'm a big dork, but I've wanted to do that for a long time.

Geez, these screen settings are huge.

In even niftier news:
She came completely unglued last night when I came home. I've never seen her so hyper. And I was worried she wouldn't remember me.
I've decided there's nothing quite as amusing as a fat little corgi trying to jump as high as she can. whatagooddog!

Matt takes his CCNA test today. Wish him luck! He needs this to take his CCNP next week.

I love you, Matt! *wug*

The airplane ride was okay. I had a whole row to myself, but I couldn't get comfortable temperature-wise. I hate how airplanes are always so hot/cold at the same time. Too hot to wear your jacket, too cold to take it off. Darn recycled air!

Hmmm... I seem to be jumping from subject to subject. Must be brain dammage.

Okay, gonna go pet my doggie some more. YAYYYY!! *bounce*
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