Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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puppysmuggler: tompettytompettytompetty
MickeyKnox667: in old country, we don't have tom petty.
MickeyKnox667: we have potato.
puppysmuggler: oh
puppysmuggler: what a bummer
MickeyKnox667: we say that kinda thing often here :> but i said it to joe last night and he tells a joke of his own about the former soviet union...
MickeyKnox667: comrade potato farmer, how many potatoes have you grown this season?
MickeyKnox667: we have grown so many that if you were to pile them up, they would reach the eye of God.
MickeyKnox667: comrade potato farmer, this is the soviet union. we don't have God here.
MickeyKnox667: exactly. we don't have any potatoes, either.
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