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Odds and Ends

This morning's fortune:

You will come into contact with influential people... in bed

Okay, so I added the "in bed" part. What, don't you do that, too?

Here are the things I need to do today:

*put away clean dishes and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
*pick up all the books laying around in the living room
*throw away garbage
*take garbage to garbage room
*organise desk area
*vacuum living room
*scrub countertops
*clean off dining room table
*think of something to do with easter baskets
*scrub pots and pans
*scrub out sink
*sweep and mop kitchen
*dust entertainment center
*sweep and mop bathroom
*clean bathroom sink
*clean toilet
*pick up dirty laundry
*put away clean laundry
*strip bed
*put clean sheets on bed
*put away towels
*clean off nightstand
*vacuum bedroom
*wipe out microwave
*wipe off stove

I'm going to cross each off as I do them, and hopefully the whole list will just be one big strikethrough by the end of the day. I have until 10pm, so I should be able to do it.
Now, let's see if I can stay off the computer long enough to complete these tasks!!
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