Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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Soup Disco

puppysmuggler: I just feel the need to get out on the dance floor and dance myself dizzy!
KinDesmond: Hehe. Do it!
puppysmuggler: I can't
puppysmuggler: I'm eating soup
puppysmuggler: soup and discos just don't mix
KinDesmond: Hehe.
KinDesmond: Pfft, wimp. A real woman could boogie with soup.
puppysmuggler: I know
puppysmuggler: I suck *sigh*
KinDesmond: Just kiddin'. Um um.. Only.. crazy women do that. That's it.
KinDesmond: Real women eat soup.
KinDesmond: And that's it.
KinDesmond: ::nod::
puppysmuggler: *nod nod nod*
KinDesmond: Good, glad we have that worked out.
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