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putting cats in gym bags and other fun things to do on a friday

Last night: 11pm or so

Matt and I are sitting here, calm as can be, enjoying a pre-bed game of Illusia. I'm just about to suggest to Matt that we probably aught to turn in soon, when BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Fire alarm!
What should we do? We're in our jammies! Should we get dressed? Where is the cat?
Matt goes into the bedroom to put on some pants, and I throw my jacket on and get my slippers. I have no idea what to do, really, I haven't ever had a fire alarm in my personal residence before. Where IS the cat?
Okay, Matt has his pants on now, but where is Andromeda? If the building really is on fire, I'm not leaving the cat to burn.
Oh, CRAP, she's under the bed.
We have a queen sized bed, and when the cat goes under, it's next to impossible to get her out. She's always just out of reach. No amount of coaxing and offering of treats will lure her out, either. It's so noisy!
Finally, she's distracted by something Matt is doing, and *WHAM* I've got her! She puts up surprisingly little resistance as I drag her out.

"do you have her halter?"
"where is her leash?"
"here, just put her in this bag!"

Zip! Cat's in a duffel bag, and none too happy with us.
We go for the front door, Matt says "I have my keys." Damn, it's even louder in the hallway.
The cat is FREAKING OUT.
We run to the stairs, where there is another family making their way down down down. It's so noisy!
The cat is in shock, I think.
"I have to use the bathroom!"
Okay, using even faster than normal super-ninja bathroom skills, I'm in and out of the potty in seconds flat.
We scamper down the rest of the hallway and we're outside. Yay! Now what? Should we go sit in the car? Nah, let's wait in front of the building where everyone else is.
There are suprisingly few people outside. I wonder if everyone else is just assuming it's a false alarm. Geez, how stupid.
We sit on the curb and wait for the firetruck to come and tell us we can go back inside. I'm wearing my favourite bacon and egg jammies. STYLIN'!
The firetruck takes an uncomfortably long time to arrive. What if the building IS on fire??
wait wait wait.


Okay, it's finally here! Mr. Fireman goes inside and pokes around. No fire.
We wait in line for the elevator, and then finally get back in our apartment.
Kitty jumps out of the bag, eyes as big as dinner plates, terrified out of her little kitty mind.
She keeps ramming her head into our legs and meowing. We assure her that's she's not in trouble, and give her lots of yummy kitty treats.
I think it took her about 1/2 hour to finally calm down. Poor thing.

So... how did you spend YOUR friday night?
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