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fatfeistyfemme: I'll have to write my senator.
puppysmuggler: *shakes fist*
puppysmuggler: the people of america demand butt songs!
DykityDykeDyke: yes!!! Humiliating butt songs, and lots of them!!!!
puppysmuggler: YES!!
puppysmuggler: *waves a banner*
puppysmuggler: *marches in front of the courthouse*
DykityDykeDyke: As god is my witness, I shall never go butt-songless again!!!!!
puppysmuggler: *inspirational music*
puppysmuggler: *translucent american flag waves in the background*
DykityDykeDyke: Butt Rap!!! "It's a BOOOYAH butt, it's a HEART-shaped butt, it's a cutesy-wootesy-hottie-tottie SEXY butt! It's a Honky butt, it's a Negro butt, it's a ripply-muscley-flappy-happy kissy butt!"
DykityDykeDyke: to the tune of the beverly hillbillies:

Now this here's a story 'bout my girlfriend's ass,
it makes me wanna howl and to roll her in da' grass,
I think it's awful cute and I like it a whole looooooottttt,
Her sexy little butt, is the best ASSet she's got!!

THE REST OF IT in all it's horrifying cuteness.
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