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I finally got a little package together for my not-so-little-anymore brother. It's not much, just 2 books, some pictures, and a nice letter, but I'm glad to finally be sending him something.
I'm not sure if it's growing up or just not having to live with him anymore, thusly forgetting how annoying he is, but I really miss my bro. He's a bit thick in the head at times, but he can be a lot of fun. We've had this thing since we were both in middle school where I call him Buffy Bologna and he calls me Muffy Bologna (no relation). We even have "the Balogna salute" which is super top secret so I can't tell you.
When did he grow up? It's weird enough being out of the house myself, but my baby brother? Unheard of! And now he's going to be going to Egypt in October, and he can't tell me why, but he promises to bring me back something nifty. He'd better, after all I've done for him! heh.
Well, I'm not sure how to end this... so I guess I'll just say:

Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?"
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