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Still in my Pajamas

I am a grubby grubby person. It's 4pm and I'm still all greasy and pajamafied. I can tell this livejournal thing is going to become an obsession. BWAHAHAHA! World Domination shall soon be mine!
Ug, I am still sore from riding that stupid bus yesterday (and the day before *grr*). I somehow managed to mangle my neck while sleeping. I am blaming it all on the smelly greasy icky gross guy who sat next to me. If I hadn't been living in mortal terror of touching him, I'm certain I could have found a more comfortable sleeping position. Well, as comfortable as you can get while on a greyhound. As it was, he seemed like he enjoyed sitting next to me. Other seats opened up later in the journey but he remained fixed, wart-like, in the seat next to me.
Well I'm home now, thank god. I've never been so glad to have a bath in my entire life. Which reminds me, I really need to clean the bathtub. *mental note*
So today I've been mostly sleeping, reading, and enjoying the wonderful feeling of the blood circulating throughout my ENTIRE body. Wonderful thing, blood.
Oooohh... now my kidneys hurt. I swear with all of you as my witnesses I am never riding a greyhound again. Well, at least until I forget about how miserable this trip was and I convince myself that it isn't that bad. Really, I love meeting psychotic drunk people and loosing all sensation in my butt and legs. Yippee, sign me up!
Okay, I think it's about time for another shower, don't you?
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