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I'm on to you, David...

puppysmuggler: David Bowie has sold his soul to the devil.
puppysmuggler: I have proof.
DykityDykeDyke: yeah?
puppysmuggler: yes.
puppysmuggler: He hasn't aged in 30 years.
DykityDykeDyke: lol
puppysmuggler: he's hung like a horse.
DykityDykeDyke: and he's consumately sexy
puppysmuggler: He's married to Iman
DykityDykeDyke: yep
DykityDykeDyke: it's true.
puppysmuggler: He's still famous.
puppysmuggler: He's dead sexy.
DykityDykeDyke: lol..
puppysmuggler: One of these days he's going to just flat out dissapear...
puppysmuggler: and no one will know why.
DykityDykeDyke: you sound like the dad on So I Married an Axe Murdere
puppysmuggler: but I will know.
DykityDykeDyke: r
puppysmuggler: heheh
DykityDykeDyke: dead sexy... did he say that in the movie?
puppysmuggler: umm... no I think he said that in Austin Powers.
puppysmuggler: the 2nd one.
puppysmuggler: the one that sucked.
DykityDykeDyke: with a scottish accent?
puppysmuggler: yes
DykityDykeDyke: ok
puppysmuggler: as "Fat Bastard"
DykityDykeDyke: 'cuz I can totally hear it in my head. RIGHT
puppysmuggler: I hated that movie.
DykityDykeDyke: GET IN MY MOUTH
puppysmuggler: eeew!!
DykityDykeDyke: that part was funny
puppysmuggler: yes, I'll give you that ;-)
DykityDykeDyke: but only in the aftermath...
puppysmuggler: So, what do you think. Am I right?
DykityDykeDyke: absolutely
puppysmuggler: It's the real reason he's in seclusion now...
puppysmuggler: he doesn't want people to notice when he flat out dissapears.
DykityDykeDyke: right.. or when he grows horns and a tail
puppysmuggler: no, he won't do that. He'll just be 'collected.'
puppysmuggler: Payment due, and all that...
DykityDykeDyke: right.
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