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and furthermore...

While I'm dreaming, I might as well describe part of the inside of the dream house, too.

puppysmuggler: I'm imagining a bright sunny living room area... there is a large paneled window with sunlight streaming in... it's early morning time... in my idealised picture of an English neighborhood... I can see a white picket fence in the front, mostly over-run with happy bushy plants... the road has few cars... inside the living room, there are 2 sofas... a small one up against the window, and a larger one to my left... the small one is a gold colour, and the big one is a dusty green. There is a china cabinent to my right, filled with odds and ends... there is a low table in front of the green couch with a white table runner on it, and some random pretty things...
puppysmuggler: the ceiling is sort of low... with a rounded dome light, made of frosty glass
puppysmuggler: but it's not on =)
puppysmuggler: there is a window to the right, behind the glass cabinent...
puppysmuggler: the windows have green and pink curtains, all pulled up...
puppysmuggler: the floor is hardwood, with a large faded oriental carpet
puppysmuggler: there is a bookshelf to my right...
puppysmuggler: and an over-stuffed chair with a quilt draped over it
puppysmuggler: behind the green couch is a painting
puppysmuggler: I think it's the "lady of challiot" (not spelled right, I'm sure)
ScottFreeman3k: Wow, vivid imagination.
puppysmuggler: there is an open archway on the left where I can see the front door, which is wood, but has a decorative glass panel...
puppysmuggler: there is a stairway near the door, with a curved wooden banister
ScottFreeman3k: You should add this to your post!
puppysmuggler: the entry way is hardwood, too... with another oriental runner carpet
puppysmuggler: okay =)
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