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No more coffee before bedtime

Okay, I have the weirdest dreams. Witness exibit 'A':

puppysmuggler: okay
puppysmuggler: I dreampt I was getting an oscar for best supporting role in some indie film
puppysmuggler: so... I went to the oscars
puppysmuggler: which were in a gymnasium
The Fake Pope: how weird
puppysmuggler: and the 'podium' was just a set of those fake wood and metal garage sale tables
puppysmuggler: and the judges were sitting behind it, dog show style
puppysmuggler: so, they called me up
puppysmuggler: but I hid behind a big juice dispenser because I wanted to change my underwear
puppysmuggler: which was up at the 'podium'
puppysmuggler: and while the judges were talking about how cool I was, I was behind the juice changing my panties
The Fake Pope: how odd
puppysmuggler: anyhow, I finally finished
puppysmuggler: and I went to accept my award
puppysmuggler: but i went up to the wrong side of the podium and everyone laughed at me
puppysmuggler: so I went to the other side and collected my award along with a three ring binder full of newspaper clippings about a sorority
puppysmuggler: and I went back to my seat
The Fake Pope: HA HA HA HA!
puppysmuggler: then the show was over
puppysmuggler: and everyone stood up and milled about for a while
puppysmuggler: I went over to Matt and we smooched a little because he was VERY proud of me, and this high school looking girl came up to us
puppysmuggler: and Matt introduced her as his ex-girlfriend
puppysmuggler: I was okay with this because she seemed pretty nice, so I asked her if she wanted to come back to our place for some coffee
puppysmuggler: she said OKAY! and so we went back to our house, which in my dream was a doublewide trailor
puppysmuggler: with a porch
puppysmuggler: and this chick proceeded to follow matt around as he went to the bedroom to take his coat off.
puppysmuggler: so I went to the bedroom and she was trying to kiss him, even though he was sort of protesting.
puppysmuggler: so I headbutted her
puppysmuggler: and punched her out
puppysmuggler: then I threw her over my shoulder and carried her out to the porch and dumped her there with some photographs of somebody's prom
puppysmuggler: but then I was afraid she'd freeze to death
The Fake Pope: HA HA HA HA HA
puppysmuggler: so I put a housecoat over her
puppysmuggler: and went back inside
puppysmuggler: and matt said he never liked her anyhow
puppysmuggler: then i woke up
The Fake Pope: that is funny
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