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Good Day Sunshine!

Great mail today!!
I got my MONKEY from Monkeys Across America. His name is Sven. I'm going to take him to the LIBERTY BELL, and give him some PHILLY CHEESE-STEAK to eat! (Thank you Belgand for the cheese-steak idea!)
I also got 2 Birthday Cards! One from my mom and dad and another that was signed "From Grandma and Grumpy Old Grandpa." My grandparents are so funny.
I also got AIRPLANE TICKETS. Wooo! I get to see my mum gradumicate from college. If I'd stayed in school like a good little girl, we'd be graduating at the same time. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Anyhow, I am proud of her. Whottagoodmum!

And before all these spiffy letters I got a Yellow Skirt with Quilt Squares around the bottom from my Rachel-twin back in San Diego. She is so wonderful! It even smells like her perfume. I'm never going to wash it! hehehe. She also sent the COOLEST VW van quilt pattern! I better send her a thank you card =)

Damn it's good to be in Pennsylvania today! The sun is shining, the sky is bright blue, and I returned a very overdue video that I didn't even watch. There are maintenance men swarming all over mowing things making happy summertime grass clipping noises. Ah, sunshine! There is also enough of a breeze that it's only pleasantly warm in the apartment. WOW! I think they finally turned the heat off. No air yet, but at least there isn't extra heat being pumped in.

Wheee, I'm blissfully happy! Now I just have to find some packing material so I can send my mum and Janet-in-law their presents. Mum is getting red and yellow plastic burger baskets, mustard and ketchup squeezers with 50's waitress people on them, and a red and yellow plastic menu cover. Janet is getting a black metal toolbox and a nifty screwdriver.
Hey, do we know how to shop or WHAT?

Okay, I'm going to go eat a "smart dog" now. Wish me luck, I've heard they're very rubbery. Wheee!
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