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quick! ask me how my dentist visit went

diskozombie88: how did your appointment go?
puppysmuggler: GREAT!
diskozombie88: do you have any cavities?
puppysmuggler: nope! *smug*
diskozombie88: damn!
puppysmuggler: yeah, I'm cool like that
diskozombie88: when was the last time you went in for a cleaning?
puppysmuggler: ummm... 2 1/2 years ago
diskozombie88: wow... fuck
puppysmuggler: yeah, i was totally surprised
diskozombie88: and i had four. i suck apparently.
puppysmuggler: my teeth are TUFF
diskozombie88: yeah, i'm shocked
diskozombie88: your teeth are SUPER BAD BITCHES
puppysmuggler: ALL UP IN THAT ASS BITCHES!
diskozombie88: hehe
puppysmuggler: hehehe
puppysmuggler: but, they say I grind my teeth
puppysmuggler: and that I need to floss
puppysmuggler: or I'm going to suffer from head rot and die
puppysmuggler: a horrible burning death
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