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Neener neener neener!

I got hello kitty products for my birthday and you didn't!
Matt sure knows how to make me happy! He bought me a 1 litre water bottle in a little hawaii kitty carrying case. You KNOW this is going with me everywhere this summer! He also got me a HK colouring book with stickers! I can colour it with my hello kitty crayons, or maybe even my HK markers! Then I will staple it to my wall with my hello kitty stapler and take pictures with my hello kitty camera, or even send it to a friend with my hello kitty stationary and envelopes!

Okay, I'm done with the insane HK raving...

Now for some PICTURES!

My *NEW* HK water bottle:

And a closeup:
Do not adjust your screen! Hello Kitty is TAN in this picture.

Why is she tan? Because she's in HAWAII, duh.

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