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America vs. UK

puppysmuggler: so...
puppysmuggler: they're fiberous?
Scott Freeman 3K: Do you have biscuits in America?
puppysmuggler: not like this
puppysmuggler: not packaged
puppysmuggler: we have cookies
puppysmuggler: and we can MAKE buscuits
Scott Freeman 3K: Well, thats silly. What do you dunk in your tea?
puppysmuggler: we don't
puppysmuggler: we just drink it
Scott Freeman 3K: Craziness!
puppysmuggler: we have biscotti with our coffee...
puppysmuggler: is it like a biscotti?
Scott Freeman 3K: Probably.
Scott Freeman 3K: *shrugs*
puppysmuggler: biscotti are oblong cookie-like things that are so hard they're completely inedible unless dunked in coffee
puppysmuggler: they're usually almond or chocolate flavoured
Scott Freeman 3K: Ooh no, biscuits are okay to eat without tea.
puppysmuggler: okay
Scott Freeman 3K: And they are plain flavoured.
puppysmuggler: weird
puppysmuggler: what do they taste like?
puppysmuggler: are they sweet?
Scott Freeman 3K: .... Biscuit.
puppysmuggler: are they salty?
Scott Freeman 3K: No, they're not sweet.
Scott Freeman 3K: Kind of like ... raw cheerio?
puppysmuggler: weird!
puppysmuggler: why would you eat a raw cheerio with your tea?
Scott Freeman 3K: Because we're British!
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