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Last night I dreampt that Matt and I went to Burning Man. We packed up the car with camping supplies and plenty of water, then drove..... out to the parking lot.
Yes, BurningMan was in the parking lot in front of my apartments. So, we give the gate guard our tickets, he stamps them, and we find a parking space.
There's only a few other people there, and I see that Lily is there. I call her over, and we giggle for a while over our marvelous fortune, and she helps me and Matt unpack our stuff.
Suddenly, I realise that we don't have a SCRAP of art stuff with us. HORROR! We're at burning man with NO ART?? I run up to the gaurd and ask him if we can just go get our art stuff; he says yes. So, I get back to the car and drive back up twards the apartments. The gate guard tears a stub off my ticket, and I enter the apartment area. I then realise that there's nothing in my apartment either, and I do a U-turn and go back in to the camp/parking lot.
Crap! That didn't work at all!
So Lily tells me that it's okay, I can just use some of her art stuff, and as long as I'm participating with everyone else, I'll be okay.

Then I woke up thinking... "HUH???"
Dreams are so weird.
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