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SuperSpiffyGrrl: i have this cheese obsession that i can't get over
SuperSpiffyGrrl: it's taking over my life
puppysmuggler: Frommage!
puppysmuggler: well it's better than crack, I guess
SuperSpiffyGrrl: i guess, but someday i'll have to sell my body for a good chunk of brie
puppysmuggler: oh dear!
puppysmuggler: and then you'll think to yourself...
puppysmuggler: "this is it... I'm a cheese whore"
SuperSpiffyGrrl: oh but i am a cheese whore
puppysmuggler: and you'll get through the day thinking "after this I can have a bit of muenster and all will be right for a while"
SuperSpiffyGrrl: i'll start getting the jitters and i'll do anything to kill to craving... i'd even go for a slice of american cheese (or as i call it, "plastic cheese.")
puppysmuggler: EEK!
puppysmuggler: I can just visualize you snorting parmesean
puppysmuggler: through a rolled up dollar bil
puppysmuggler: bill, even
SuperSpiffyGrrl: heh heh... i never thought about that
puppysmuggler: just promise me you'll never try to inject velveeta or anything crazy like that, okay?
SuperSpiffyGrrl: if i hit rock bottom, i can't promise anything
puppysmuggler: you'll have to live in a shelter
SuperSpiffyGrrl: made of cheese, i hope?
puppysmuggler: and carry around a backpack that reeks of port wine...
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