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Life and Times of a Bored Housewife

Must go put laundry in the dryer in 20 minutes!
Going down to the laundry room was kind of surreal... there was no one about and there were dryer sheets strewn about. I got this weird "I'm the only one left alive on the face of the planet" sort of vibe from it.
So, I put my laundry to washing, and start walking back to the elevators. Of course, 1/2 way there, I start thinking about Dani's little cupboard slamming experience earlier today, and I get spooked. This leads to my thinking about Amentyville (probably spelled that wrong) and getting even more spooked. However, I was wise enough NOT to think about the Excorsist, which probably would have rendered me immobile with horror.
Why do I do this? I'm such a wimp.

In other news:
I hate this bra. I REALLY hate this bra. I'm only wearing it because my good ones are in the laundry.
You wanted to know that. Admit it.
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