Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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Random Chatters - The Locusts on the Vast Fields of the Internet

STOOGE74: oyu there
puppysmuggler: yes
puppysmuggler: are you?
STOOGE74: im here so how old are you
puppysmuggler: 429
STOOGE74: wow your old
puppysmuggler: yep
puppysmuggler: it's a cruel world for an elf
STOOGE74: lol
STOOGE74: so how many puppys have you smuggled
puppysmuggler: tons
puppysmuggler: billions
STOOGE74: so what are you up to taday
puppysmuggler: I just got back from lifting weights
STOOGE74: today
puppysmuggler: I'm a regular addonis now
STOOGE74: you got a pic
puppysmuggler: of what?
STOOGE74: you
puppysmuggler: why yes!
STOOGE74: well send it
puppysmuggler: sorry
puppysmuggler: that would upset THE MASTER
puppysmuggler: and that's just bad
STOOGE74: ok
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