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Forcasted Temperature: 80* F

You know what would be REALLY neat? I mean... REALLY REALLY neat?

If the damn apartment managers would turn our f'n AIR on.

I haven't used the heat all winter, and I definately don't plan on using it today. I didn't even use blankets last night... and yet the only climate control option we have is HEAT. The only room in the complex with air conditioning is, of course, the leasing office.

So, I call maintenance so I can ask when the air will be turned on. "This is the answering service, we don't know." "Well, do you think you could tell me the number of SOMEONE WHO DOES?" Then they get my name and number and say "We'll tell them you called."

*grumble grumble*


In other news, I think I'm going to play badmitton today. Then I'm going to go to the mall and buy candles for my friend Lisa. She lives in SanDiego and can't get Yankee Candles, and I live in Philadelphia and can't get Mexican spices. So we're trading.
Yes, she's benefiting more from the swap than I am, but she acted as my surrogate mother and took me out to the Soup Plantation a lot when I lived in SD.

In other other news, Matt's going to look into transferring to the London office. Why?
Well... why not?
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