Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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LOVELY, darling, simply LOVELY!

DykityDykeDyke: ah, well -- you know me. busy busy busy!
puppysmuggler: yes dear, you always did have several things going on at once!
puppysmuggler: now how is that darling girlfriend of yours?
DykityDykeDyke: Oh, smashing... simply... smashing. And that man of yours? Still working the same job?
puppysmuggler: yes, yes, you know him!
DykityDykeDyke: *snicker* We're doing this too well
puppysmuggler: yes, it's rather spooky, isn't it?
DykityDykeDyke: Quite!
puppysmuggler: more tea?
DykityDykeDyke: Oh yes. Marvelous. Do you grind your own leaves?
puppysmuggler: No dear, no... I get them at this wonderful little shop across the way. It's delightful, no?
DykityDykeDyke: Quite! You must tell me the name of it before I go.
puppysmuggler: oh of course!
puppysmuggler: now try these petit fours...
DykityDykeDyke: ohhh... sinful!
puppysmuggler: my friend cathy gave me a little box of them!
puppysmuggler: you MUST take some!
DykityDykeDyke: .... a moment on the lips, dear. A girl must be careful!
puppysmuggler: yes yes...
puppysmuggler: but I won't tell if you wont!
DykityDykeDyke: Besides, I'd eat them all myself... *shrill chuckle*
puppysmuggler: *giggle*
DykityDykeDyke: oh... in that case... *smarmy wink*
puppysmuggler: *more giggling*
DykityDykeDyke: Have you read the new Anne Rule novel? It's simply terrifying, I tell you. Much better than her last...
puppysmuggler: Hmm, no I must have missed that. You know I prefer Nora Roberts!
puppysmuggler: She's such a TALENTED writer!
DykityDykeDyke: ahh - for those lonely late nights, indeed! Carnal Innocense.... I think not!
puppysmuggler: mmhmmm... *gets another sugar cube*
DykityDykeDyke: lol
puppysmuggler: Now tell me dear, where DID you get that hat?
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