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puppysmuggler: Peate, he's working
diskozombie88: oh :-( ok
puppysmuggler: I think we should punch him
diskozombie88: no
puppysmuggler: no?
diskozombie88: violence is not the answer
puppysmuggler: hmm
puppysmuggler: what is?
diskozombie88: ...
diskozombie88: you know
puppysmuggler: ...
puppysmuggler: you mean....
diskozombie88: yes
puppysmuggler: oh dear
diskozombie88: yes
diskozombie88: i know
puppysmuggler: well... let me go get it
diskozombie88: i'm sorry
puppysmuggler: brb
diskozombie88: ok
diskozombie88: /me waits
puppysmuggler: /me goes
diskozombie88: /me is still waiting
diskozombie88: *muzak plays overhead*
puppysmuggler: /me is still rummaging in the closet
diskozombie88: are you back yet?
puppysmuggler: no
puppysmuggler: sorry
diskozombie88: oh. ok.
puppysmuggler: /me comes back
diskozombie88: wb
puppysmuggler: here it is.
diskozombie88: oh. cool.
puppysmuggler: a loaf of french bread
puppysmuggler: a shopping cart
diskozombie88: /me ducks
puppysmuggler: and a man named Steve
diskozombie88: no!!!!
puppysmuggler: you know what to do
diskozombie88: i... i.... i won't....! i can't!!
diskozombie88: /me shrieks
diskozombie88: oh alright, if i have to
puppysmuggler: you MUST!
puppysmuggler: Think of what is at stake!
diskozombie88: /me knocks man named steve into shopping cart with loaf of french bread, sending him/it flying into Belgland, knocking everyone on the ground.
diskozombie88: did i do that right?
puppysmuggler: mostly
puppysmuggler: you scored an 8
diskozombie88: hmmm....
diskozombie88: how could i have improved on that score?
diskozombie88: was it my form?
puppysmuggler: next time, pretend you're in manhattan
diskozombie88: was I... "off"?
diskozombie88: ooohhhhhh doh! *smacks forehead*
puppysmuggler: okay, try again.
diskozombie88: /me pretends i am in manhattan, puts loaf of french bread in steve and hits him with shopping cart, making him fall over
diskozombie88: that wasn't right at all.
diskozombie88: i suck at this. you try it.
puppysmuggler: no!
diskozombie88: yes.
puppysmuggler: hmm
puppysmuggler: fine
puppysmuggler: /me visualizes manhattan... *breathe, breathe, breathe*
diskozombie88: ...
puppysmuggler: /me tears apart the french bread
puppysmuggler: and stuffs it in the holes in the shopping cart
puppysmuggler: /me hefts the shopping cart abouve her head, and flings it at Steve
diskozombie88: Wow.
puppysmuggler: Steve gets jostled into the cart, knocking over Begland
puppysmuggler: everyone bursts into flames
diskozombie88: /me holds up "9.5" sign.
diskozombie88: that was beautiful
puppysmuggler: why thank you
puppysmuggler: /me bows
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