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Belgand: or other toasted things since I have a toaster oven
Belgand: well, at home... we can't have them in the dorms
puppysmuggler: you should get one anyways
puppysmuggler: then you could make black market toast
Belgand: or candles or incense, but you can still smoke... til next year at least
Belgand: muahahahaha!
puppysmuggler: you could carry toast in your trenchcoat
Belgand: can I cackle while I do it?
puppysmuggler: and sell it to people
puppysmuggler: yes!
puppysmuggler: cackling is a must!
Belgand: can I form a subversive underground student toasting society?
puppysmuggler: yes!!
Belgand: we can do amazing things with butter and jams!
Belgand: wow... I feel all revolutionary
puppysmuggler: you could call it "the brotherhood of toast"
Belgand: I need to go make pamphlets
puppysmuggler: YES!
Belgand: and badly written, poorly spelled manifestos copied on the worst possible equipment and full of lurid drawings, inaccurate facts and lots of new words!
puppysmuggler: make sure you make all your minions... er, friends... wear hooded cloaks
Belgand: I think I'll also have to mention the phallacracy and the opression of the proletariat
puppysmuggler: as long as it relates to toast
Belgand: hmm... I'm not certain if I want to go for secret society or revolutionary army with this though...
puppysmuggler: maybe you can give all the members a vial of cinnamon and sugar
Belgand: yes!
Belgand: to be worn at all times!
puppysmuggler: YES
puppysmuggler: as a beacon to others
Belgand: they have to destroy it if captured
puppysmuggler: HAHAHA
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