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As requested, photographic evidence of my recent adventure:

I loved this art car. It looked even cooler at night, but my camera HATES the dark.

I am a mushroom.
No, really.

I also love the giant ant art car. Please note the headless man in the background, as he was only partially rebuilt at this point.

The Black Rock Roller Disco. How people roller skated in 120 degree weather, I'm not sure, but I appreciate them.

Rover's Pinky performing on our camp's stage.

One freshly rebuilt man.

"Crude Awakening" at night

LED-filled ping-pong balls in pleasing color patterns, for your drug-addled brain.

Double Rainbow

Bicycles and dust

Flags on the playa

I don't have any idea what this was, but it was pretty

The Temple of Forgiveness

This is my favorite picture, ever.

Yarrrrrrr!t car

The Man, as seen from The Temple on the day of the burn (Saturday)

Big Rig Jig. You could CLIMB INSIDE this thing.

A lovely sculpture in front of the roller boogie.

I have no explanation for this.

A little out of order from the rest of the pictures, but here's the original Man. Some freakshow burned him on Monday.

Nice shot of an incoming white-out.

Dana, in her mother's clothes.

Another shot of the double rainbow

Our sign, and stage. Not sure who is performing.

This was an AMAZING piece, that unfortunately only looked good at night under a strobe light and was impossible to photograph. It was powered by stationary bikes.


More fireworks


Burn, baby, burn...

Stories available upon request.
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