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Hi there everybody.

So... I live in Oregon now, did I mention that? Yep.
I'm working in Portland at an insurance agency. We mostly sell insurance to companies and rich people. I answer the phones, fax things, do random stuff, and get paid a decent wage to do it. I even have benefits and free parking now.
If anyone was worried that I may have died or had children, fear not. I just don't have internet access at home, and I'm scetchy about using the internet at work. In fact, the only reason I'm updating now is because everyone else is either on vacation or at lunch so I'm free to surf about unrestrained. I found your "happily childfree" site, Phoena, good job! It's what reminded me that I might want to come around here and touch base with everyone. It's also distracting me from my exciting data-entry project, which is always a blessing.

Sorry I'm so out of touch, but things happen. Things like moving into the sticks where there's no reliable 'net connection.

At least I have netflix to keep me company.

Catch you all later.
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