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Question for everyone

What are your guilty displeasures?
Guilty pleasures is something people love to talk about. Britney Spears. Paris Hilton. Gossip magazines. The Backstreet Boys. Whatever. Guilty displeasures, no one ever mentions.

I can't remember if it was me or kidwhatever or some strange Captain Planet blending of our amazing brains who came up with this phrase, but I love it and I want to know more. So tell me... what do you NOT like that may be socially unacceptable to dislike? For example, not liking kittens would be a guilty displeasure. This is not something you would blurt out in mixed company.

I'll go first.
I do NOT like Shakespeare. I find his work to be annoying and unenjoyable.
I also do not like cheesecake in any form. I don't care how much your mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog likes your recipe, it makes me gag.

Okay... GO!

Edited to add:
Scooby Doo is not funny. I don't like him either.
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