Becky Jane (puppysmuggler) wrote,
Becky Jane

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god I'm glad I grew up

So, on Friday I went to the homecoming football game with some amigos (my first since I was in high school myself) which led me to some alarming questions and conclusions.
My questions are:
When did 10 year olds start playing high school football?
Why wasn't our team that good when I was attending?
Do super-low-cut pants look good on anybody?

I am so glad I am not 16 anymore.

Actually I am feeling quite content now. After all, I live in my own house and make my own coffee now, plus I no longer have urges to do strange things to my clothes and hair just to be "different." Not to mention the whole "I can go to a bar if I want to" thing... Yes, despite occasional fits of nostalgia, in the battle between 16 and 26, I'd have to say 26 wins out.
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