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Why do I even BOTHER with these people?

[Samantha-UK] lol
[crawdadsj] what up with the puppies
[puppysmuggler] what about puppies?
[crawdadsj] do you snuggle them
[crawdadsj] lol
[puppysmuggler] sorry, if I told you that, you'd have to be 'silenced.'
[crawdadsj] are you from the uk too
[puppysmuggler] nope.
[Samantha-UK] ha!!!
[puppysmuggler] don't you believe me?
[crawdadsj] whats the scoope sam
[Samantha-UK] not everyone mad comes fron
[puppysmuggler] right you are, sammo.
[Samantha-UK] where r u from puppy?
[puppysmuggler] can you rephrase the question, please?
[Samantha-UK] o.........k
[Samantha-UK] where do u live...........better?
[puppysmuggler] still don't have it.
[grumpy68] where r u smuggling from
[crawdadsj] lol
[Samantha-UK] i don't wanna know now

I am now to the point where I am blatantly refusing to understand people who can't spell out the horrendously long words 'you' and 'are.' I mean, they are so difficult to spell... I can really understand why people wouldn't want to bother with typing them ALL. THE. WAY. OUT.
And remember, not every mad person comes froN the UK.
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