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Back to the daily grind, yo.
Oh well, first day of the work and it's already Thursday, a no-PT day.

I think I'll bring kumquats to work for lunch. Mmmm... kumquat.

Oh, and today I get weighed in to find out if I get promoted or if I get to stay a PFC and run a PFT every Saturday morning for the next 6 months.
Please pray, seriously.

(note: I am not fat. I have never been fat the entire time I've been in the Marine Corps. Our company gunny, who is a huge stickler for rules and regs even said it's bullshit that I might have to go on remedial since I still look like hot shit in uniform and I pass my PFT, but since remedial is no longer "up to the discression of the command," I might have to go on it. The USMC way of measuring body fat is totally inaccurate, so even that doesn't save me. It's accurate plus or minus EIGHT PERCENT. That's a HUGE margin for error.)
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