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the worst day of my life

Yesterday I threw up, got blue toilet cleanser all over myself and my bathroom, got secured in my quarters for 24 hours (I'm sick) got HUGE blisters, bonked my head, oh and the icing on the cake... My dad died of a heart attack.

I'm so in shock right now, I don't know what to do. I love my dad so much, I've never even thought about what I'd do without him out there somewhere for me to call and say "hey, do you remember..."

My dad was not macho, never was and never wanted to be. I was never one of those kids to boast "my dad can beat up your dad." Still, my dad could kick any other dad's ass in the "kicking ass" department. He read stories and did all the voices, he could remember exactly where he was, what he was doing, and what day it was the first time he heard a particular song; yet was constantly losing his car keys. He cried when my dog died. He did the "macho" thing and put himself in rehab and actually got better when his alcoholism raged out of control, he beat it. My dad had the weirdest, most contageous laugh I've ever heard. He flew from Saipan to see me for one day when I graduated bootcamp.

I will never know his equal.
I love you, Daddy, and I miss you so much it hurts.
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