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red rimmed swolen eyes, and all the other perks of insomnia

My days aren't adding up to 24 hours anymore. I sleep for 8 hours, then I'm awake for >16. It's not good. I just keep staying up later and later and later, and still getting up at a more or less decent hour.

I'm always the first one online in the morning, and the last one off. It's getting weird.

My throat is sore.

My eyes are getting scary bloodshot. If I were driving and I got pulled over right now, they'd never believe I was sober.

Good thing for me I haven't driven since December, eh?

I keep thinking of little haikus...

Speaking of which, I just made The Haiku Posse Community. You have to be a posse member to post, but anyone can monitor it.

Monitor it, please? We're really funny.

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