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hungry hungry I'm so hungry...

Oh sweet, delicious chow... why must you taunt me? *gnaws own flesh*

My car flooded last night, but it was okay because I had a new friend to drive around with who didn't mind getting a wet ass in the process. We went to Denny's, back to the barracks, the Sports Pub (I learned how to play pool better than I did before,) IHOP, back to the barracks, to the airport, to the Sports Pub again, back to the barracks. I would have avoided the barracks more, but my new friend had to stand duty for a few hours, then the 2nd time we weren't intending to go out again, but ended up having to pick up a stranded sad-lonely-broke devilpup from the airport who then expressed a desire to consume beer. More pool was played. I'm a regular billiards ace now! Okay, not really, but I am in my own head.

I can no longer write coherent sentences. Yay me!

Mmm... chow...
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