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I stole this from chrysoberyl because I know her in real life and just found out she has a journal and that we both go by fake online names. Yay! I'm reading your journal....... Phoebe ;)

A-Act your age: Not often. I'm either older or younger, but NEVER 24.
B-Boyfriend: The Matt-Man
C-chore you hate: Anything that involves excessive movement
D-Dad's name: Jackson
E-Essential make up: Lipbalm.
F-Favorite Actor: Edward Norton? I'm not really sure.
G-Gold or silver: I mix them, actually. Scandal!
H-Hometown: I claim both Washington state and Philadelphia, but I live in Mississippi. Hmm.
I-Instruments you play: I used to play violin and toyed with playing the piano, but I'm hopeless at both now.
J-job title: Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Technician
K-kids: I don't need any, I have Marines.
L-living arrangements: I share a barracks room with another female
M-Mom's name: Deanna
N-Number of people you've slept with: That's a little personal
O-Overnight hospital stays: Boob Job.
P-phobia: heights, looking out windows at night, smelling bad
Q-quote you like: "Goddammit, Jordan!"
R-Religious affiliation: Unitarian Universalist. (aka religion lite)
S-Siblings: Jesse aka Buffy
T-time you wake up: 4:59 M-Th, 4:15 on Fridays
U-unique habit: Ninja-like bathroom skills. Peeing is a habit, okay?
V-vegetable you refuse to eat: Lima Beans
W-Worst habit: Gnawing on my fingers.
X-X-Rays you've had: Hand, arm (x2), spine
Y-yummy food you make: Shepherd's Pie
Z-Zodiac Sign: Taurus. Moo.
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