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Photos Part III

Ye Olde Marine Corps Ball

Ah, Biloxi. Land of casinos and rednecks.

But tonight, there will be more than just gambling happening! Tonight is the Marine Corps Ball! (yay)

Hubby-wubby, myself, Jordanzobeans, Melissa, lookin' hot.

Yay, dinner!

Yay, dinner! ;)

Boys in uniform like girls. huhuhuhuh... girl...

The view from my seat. One best friend, two pretty Marines with great eyebrows.

Melissa gets bored with her food and attempts to feed Jordan. Jordan appears oblivious.

Elkins and his wife, Jayne.

Starting to get bored, and perhaps... tipsy?

Melissa tells Jordan exactly how she feels about his dancing capabilities. Jordan appears oblivious.

Okay, time to go do something else.

Something like...


There are many of these pictures. I shall spare you.

Now it is time for...

Okay, so this photo took place immediately AFTER the clubbing, but I didn't bring the camera inside.

Matt really, really, enjoyed the club. He enjoyed it so much, he fell asleep 23 seconds after this picture was taken.

I liked going to the club, too.

Now time for tattoo photos!!
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