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Photos Part II

The Goober, dressed as Joe Dirt. Rock out with your bad self, Goob-man.

Me, Goob, Elena (my room-mate) posing in front of my car. Pre-tequilla.

Random guy in tobacco shop. He was VERY happy to take a photo with Bunny and Kitty.

Thomas could not resist the awesome power of the mullet, nor the urge to get photos of the cute girls.

The Schu-man could not resist the mullet, either. Elena finds this very amusing.

* * * * *

hours pass.
much tequilla is consumed. a fight nearly breaks out. bunny participates in a costume contest and shakes her fuzzy tail for a zillion drunken partiers. bunny and kitty are informed they MUST wake the DNCO upon return to the barracks. bunny and kitty sing karaoke and make fun of other girls. fun is had and no one throws up.

* * * * *

It is now 3 in the morning, and the DNCO is asnooze in his rack... UNTIL! He is awoken for a grand photo opprotunity with an intoxicated PFC. If you sniff really hard, you can almost smell this photo through your monitor, ladies and germs.

Okay, now on to the Marine Corps Ball photos.
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