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this is going to be a doozy.

So... just what the heck HAS puppysmuggler been doing lately, and where's the photographic evidence?

Immediately after MCT, I went to Oregon for my grandma's funeral. This is me and my uncle Sam. Yes, I know I look like him.

More from the farm:





Beauty, eh?

- - - - -

This is my bedroom. I live here.

This is my best bud, BeeJay. If he looks familiar, it's because he and his twin brother used to be Ambercrombie&Fitch models. Disgusting, I know. If anyone is interested, he is single...

This is me, happy to be... uh... sitting there, I guess. My cover is all messed up.

Schuller. Schuller failed out of our class :( Too bad, he was hella nifty.

Jordan's finger, Elkins, and Oz in the background getting his cover stolen.

Jordan (BeeJay) striking a "too cool for school" pose.

The back of Pascale's head, and Grobe (the Goober) with something stuck up his nose. I have to work with these people.

Our charming breakroom. Yay.

Okay, let's move on to Halloween.
Actually, I'm going to make a whole new post for those of you with slow connections. Stand by.
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