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Woohoo! My camera came in the mail today (I left it in my brother's truck!)
So, at long last, here are some pictures of my vacation in San Diego.

A former co-worker of mine. She's so cute!

Another co-worker on her birthday! Happy 19th birthday, Charlotte!

My lovely host, Rachel, at Joe's Crab Shack.

Charlotte wears her birthday hat.

Rachel and Sandy on Rachel's last day at work.

a friendly dolphin!

Dolphins are neat.

Resist the urge to feed this bird. It is against the rules.

My favorite kind of fish!

Eels love holes.

Eels are also rather creepy.

Vikki and Jesse work undercover.

Doug and Juan are masters of disguise.

Doug and Juan cannot be seen in this shot.

Penguins love football so much, they make superbowl ice sculptures. What amazing little birds!

This puffin had only one foot. Not surprisingly, he spent a lot of time swimming in circles.

Juan dons another cunning disguise.

My brother is extremely amused in this picture.

Vikki gets shows her best dance!

A horse. Yup.
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