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people who steal fucking suck - part 2

This is a copy-paste from an e-mail I just sent to thereject because I don't feel like typing it all again. I appologize for the poor sentence structure and less than stellar use of proper grammar. :-P
For those of you not in the Knowing About Sequim crowd, Corey Hall is a cop that no likes.
And on that note...

The guy who stole my parents' stuff was arrested and his house is going to
be searched tomorow, and they're also probably going to arrest a consignment
shop guy who bought some of their stuff as well. Apparantly the dude
(stealy guy) pissed off his girlfriend who happened to be storing a lot of
the stuff at her house and she turned him in. The thing is, he JUST got out
of jail for doing this EXACT SAME THING.

So, the good news regarding stuff is my grandpa's flight jacket has not been
sold or destroyed, the guy was wearing it around town and was going to keep
it for himself. The bad news is he burned my mom's wedding dress, and she's
very upset about that.

The irony of it all is that Corey Hall is leading the investigations and is
actually doing a good job, he even remembers that my parents are in another
time zone and doesn't call them at 2am. Color me surprised.

Needless to say my parents are looking for another storage place, as the
current place didn't even report all this until February, and the break-in
was in January. Assholes. So the storage unit was just sitting unlocked
for a few weeks while they waited to report it. The storage yard doesn't
even have a gate, mind you.

Ah yes, don't you just love your fellow man?
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