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friends! I have friends!

I'm so tired!
But I'm very happy, and it's counteracting the tiredness.
Why is your very favourite puppysmuggler suddenly blissfuly happy, you ask?
Because! We had friends over today!
Look, photographic evidence of actual humans visiting our apartment:
(today's POD is "Emily and Clayton")

We were all setting up for our D&D game here, but I could only fit Emily and Clayton in the picture. Well, and a little tiny sliver of the top of Matt's head.
They ended up staying until 11, which is frightfully late for us old fogies on a Sunday. No worries though, they will come back next Friday for the continuation of our game.

So, all in all, today kicked ass. I think my Deep Blue Funk� is finally vanquished, and the apartment is clean. Andromeda is even perking up a bit. There's pizza in the fridge, and Clayton has promised to drink the beer that's been sitting in there for a the past few weeks (we don't drink beer.)

I'm so happy :)
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