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1. What colour is the item of clothing covering your chest right now? Light blue
2. What was the last song you fell in love with? Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line
3. Do you have a dog? Yes.
4. What was the last thing you ate? Actually I'm eating RIGHT NOW. Cheerios with "Nutty Nuggets."
5. What size shoe do you take? 6 1/2
6. Do you eat McDonalds? Not anymore, but I have nothing against the place. I *heart* french fries.
7. Have you played any video games in the last week? No, but I watched Matt play one.
8. Would you rather a ticket to see The Living End or a Sex Pistols [reunion] show? This question requires knowledge I do not possess.
9. What time do you normally take a shower? usually around 7am.
10. Are you in love? blissfully.
11. Do you prefer to drink from glass or plastic? Metal.
12. When you share a bed with someone, which side do you sleep on? Left.
13. Do you make up the words when you don't know the real lyrics to a song? All the time.
14. Have you ever been in a play? Yup. I was Great Aunt March in "Little Women."
15. Do you take vitamins? When I remember to.
16. What colour is your toothbrush? lavendar.
17. When you see a big bug do you squash it, leave it, or run away? Run away!!
18. Would you rather a pet snake or turtle? Snake.
19. Which movie was better: Spider-Man or X-Men? X-Men!
20. Have you ever cried during an animated movie? Like a schoolgirl.
21. Don't you hate Scooby Doo? No opinion, since I've never watched it.
22. If you could have any nickname in the world, what would it be? She-Ra, princess of power.
23. How old is your mom? 44
24. What did you want to be when you were a little kid? An archaeologist.
25. Have you ever watched an entire episode of Days Of Our Lives? No.
26. Are you, wink wink, getting enough? No, but I'll deal.
27. Do you dress up for Halloween? Sometimes.
27. If you had ten bucks right now, what would you spend it on? Food, probably.
28. Do you like rollercoasters or waterslides better? Coasters, because I don't particularly enjoy a) being in a bathing suit b) getting wet
29. Do you sing in the shower? Not anymore.
30. Have you ever slept naked? I usually do.
31. Do you have a calander in your room? One in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the guest room, and one in the bathroom. I got a lot for Christmas last year.
31. Have you ever bought something on a whim, thinking it'd be really rad, only to later realise that it sucks and you wasted your money? Yes, but I can't think of an example right off hand.
32. What's the name of your favourite record shop? I don't have one.
33. Do you tell your parents you love them? Sometimes.
34. Are you talking to anyone now? No.
35. Have you ever been in a real fight? No.
36. Do you feel proud when you show a photo [of a friend] to someone and they compliment the person in the photo? I'm not sure this has ever happened to me.
37. What colour are your eyes? Green.
38. What is your favourite thing starting with "T"? Toast!
39. Do you like Mexican food? Yes!!
40. Do you ever talk to yourself? Yes.
41. Do you wear a wristwatch? Sometimes.
42. When did you last kiss someone? last night.
43. If you could kiss ANYONE who would it be? hmm. I'm not sure! Goodness I'm boring.
44. Who was the last person you emailed? a friend from college.
45. Are you supposed to send anyone a letter or present? Yes, in fact I need to send them today!
46. Do you have a job? Sometimes.
47. What kind of fruit do you like? Lots of kinds, but mainly pomegranite!
48. Are you a "lol" or "hahahaha" person? hahahahaha
49. And finally... what are you going to do after you finish this? Hopefully do something productive, but most likely I'll just sit here for a while.
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