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stupidity should be painful.

Okay. Normally, I don't like to pick on, be mean to, or make fun of people who work in fast food. A lot of people work fast food once or twice in their life, and I can't fault them for it. However, there are always exceptions, like what happened to me today.
I had just finished picking up some staples at Wal*Mart, had mah doggie with me, and decided doggie deserved some tasty french fries. Hey look, a McDonalds! They have fries. I can get a milkshake and doggie can have her treat. So, I pull up to the drive through thingie, knowing exactly what I want...

... and proceed to sit there and wait for 2 or 3 minutes.

So, I'm already kind of annoyed when the following conversation occours:

McDonalds Employee: Welcome to McDonalds, how can I help you?
puppysmuggler: Hi, I'd like a chocolate milkshake and a medium order of fries.
*long pause*
MDE: Okay, a medium milkshake and what?
PS: Fries. Medium fries.
MDE: mafewowh woreahpe ada?
PS: Chocolate milkshake, medium fries.
MDE: Milkshake and what??
MDE: WHAT do you want??
PS: Fuck it. Nevermind.

I then drove off.
What do you think? Did I overreact? Should I have sat there and shouted FRIES at the microphone until she understood? Or was she just stupid?

I think I'll go make some toast now.
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