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The 23 hours in a car ride ride

On 4pm Thursday I got in my car, drove to DC (where I was forced to move about erratically to avoid being sniped) picked up Mmmmbertelsen, got back in the car and ...

... arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at 2 or 3 pm (can't remember) Friday afternoon.

Fortunately for me, I am of the semi-bright variety so on the way back we set out right after breakfast instead of dinner. The car ride back only took 19 hours.

Total vacation hours = 86
Total driving hours = 42
Percent of vacation spent en route to vacation destination = 49%

I am now drinking a really nasty cup of coffee (with no one to blame, either. made it m'self) and trying to work up the energy to study 2 chapters worth of Japanese vocabulary to be memorized by this evening. So far all I've done is look up Bob & Doug on the internet and read the comics. Oh, and I took my dog for a walk, too.

How was YOUR weekend, kids?
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