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I don't remember the last time I updated. Tee-hee!

General Overview:

Saw "CATS" on Friday... it rocked muchos sockage. Matt now wants to become a dancer so he can play Mister Mistofolees.
Ear infection is improving, though my ear still feels stuffy.
We stayed up until the wee hours last night (this morning) playing Grand Theft Auto, so now I'm really tired.
I'm also pretty sore from kicking booty on the pilates reformer yesterday. I'm getting those cool over-the-knee muscles. I love having muscles! Now I just need to work on the burning fat part and I'll be super-hot ;)

On the agenda for today: study japanese, learn 16 new hiragana characters, play Grand Theft Auto some more.

Have a good Sunday, everyone! ^_^
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