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Yum. Cold Fries.

Cold french fries are a poor, poor substitute for the little smiling hormone therapy wafers most people call "Goldfish." But it's 11:12pm, I'm not wearing any pants and I'm certainly not going to go to the grocery store now. So, cold fries it is.

Mmm... salt.

For some reason after I went to bed I started thinking about a friend of mine who is afraid of everything. She has phobias of phobias, I swear. Airplanes? Doesn't like not being in control. Rats? Carry disease!! Cats? Eat rats! Lice? Do I need to explain this one?
She was afraid of absolutely everything except spiders. This makes no sense to me. Spiders are the one creepy crawly that I absolutely cannot abide. If I discover there is a spider within 50 miles of my person, I must personally stare at it until someone pities either me or the spider and puts it back outside where it belongs. If I stop staring at the spider, even for a moment, I just KNOW it will take the opprotunity to flee to a pile of folded laundry or perhaps my hair. I don't have this problem with mice, snakes, rats, or lizards. Just spiders.
My friend and I worked together and if I ever found a spider, I'd scream for her, she'd pick it up and throw it outside. However, if she came over to my house she'd stare at my cat the entire time as if she were afraid that Andromeda might try to crawl up her sleeve.
She was also extremely stubborn about things. For example, she hated tofu. I asked her why she hated it, and she said "Because it's tofu."
Have you ever tried it? I asked.
Well, no, but it LOOKS gross. (Mind you she is in her 40's and has kids older than I am.)
So I took it upon myself to fool her into eating tofu. I got a large amount of strawberries, a block of tofu, a little bit of sugar and a blender. Voila! Instant protien smoothie.
I handed some to my friend in a little styrofoam cup.
"What is this?"
"Just drink it."
"Why not? It's good."
"You put tofu in this, didn't you?"
"I would never do such a thing! Drink it, dammit."
She drank it, grudgingly admited it was good, and I had a hearty whoop of victory.

Why I'm thinking of these things while I'm trying to go to sleep almost a year later, I have no idea.

Perhaps it means I should call her. It's been a while.

Yes, perhaps I should.
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