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good morning to you!

I got to go out with lucifrix last night and you didn't! ;)
All silliness aside, I had a super-good time. First, I picked her up from her house, and we went directly to the Prince movie theater. Since we expected there to be a large crowd, we arrived very early, then sat around and talked about movies. As it turned out, the crowd was pretty small, but we still got good seats as reward for our efforts. The films were "Son of Trailer Trash" and "Trailer Trash," which aren't actually films, but a collection of old, really bad, movie trailers. Movies with names like "Wild Rebels," "The Wild Wild Planet," "The Skull." Needless to say, it rocked. Between films, we decided that we MUST have an all-70's roller skating movie night sometime.
After the films, we decided to go to Nifty Fifty's, which is a really fun little diner that's open until 1am on weekends. My only objection was the over-abundance of mirrors combined with black and white tile was kind of disconcerning. I was glad I was sober.
Food was reasonably priced, and pretty tasty, although I don't think I'll be ordering spicy anything there ever again. Chilli Pepper was never meant to be sprinkled on fries in such large quantities. My lips still feel a little chapped!
We left the diner around 1:30am, and I knew I'd better go home soon or I'd fall asleep on the road, so I dropped off D and took off. I really enjoyed being able to drive on the 76 without crawling to a halt every 10 minutes. Perhaps I should drive around in the middle of the night more often?

As for today, I think I'll go see Signs with the hubby!
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