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deep, spiritual meanings.

puppysmuggler: oh my god I'm so loving this
puppysmuggler: I can just picture someone saying "let's get drunk and listen to the bucket song on repeat for like... 2 hours."
diskozombie88: YES
diskozombie88: see, i think mahjong superheroes is really like, the ultimate trashy party album
diskozombie88: so I want MTSABL to be like..
diskozombie88: the one where people just sit around and get stoned
puppysmuggler: YES.
puppysmuggler: perhaps if they get stoned enough they'll understand the deep spiritual meaning behind this album.
puppysmuggler: (DSM = deep, spiritual meaning)
puppysmuggler: (and the DSM = we are buckets)
diskozombie88: exactly
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