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I don't like the bugs, but the bugs like me

The temperature has finally dipped below 70 and little bugs keep headbutting my monitor. I keep squishing them.

I wish Matt were home, but I kind of like being on my own.

I've been thinking semi-deep thoughts all day, but none of them are coherent enough to actually write out. Rest assured that I was waxing philisophical all day and be glad I'm not the poetry-writing type.

The garbage men still haven't picked up my (or anyone else on the street's) trash. This is good because I cleaned house yesterday and have another full bag to throw to the curb. Of course this means that they'll pick it up early in the morning before I have a chance to tie it up. Maybe I should just do it tonite? I'm still not certain if it's recycling week. Not to worry, I don't have a lot to recycle.

Hmm, I think a bug just touched my leg.

Well, goodnight all. I think I'll take a cool shower, walk the dog, then turn in for the night. I should sleep well for a change.

Matt, if you read this... please call me. I love you.
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