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scratch a friend's back, scratch a back next to you...

Blueberries are tasty. I know because I am eating blueberries. I am the blueberry expert.

I had another doc's appointment today, which went well. Doc reccomended I purchase some Scar Guard at the front desk to make my seams a little less red and puffy. Even though he is selling it for about 10 bucks less than suggested retail price, that shit's expensive at 50 bucks for 30 mL.

Yeah, I got some anyhow. I am a consumer whore.

So now I'm hanging out in my cut-offs waiting for the goop on my boobages (which now smell oddly of wart-remover) to dry. Going shirtless rocks. I should do it all the time. I am a construction worker, after all.
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