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I like my coffee... crisp!

Yarrr me maties!
I'm not going to be able to update my journal much/at all for the next 2 weeks or so. So, if you have any breaking news that you need me to know about, e-mail me as I won't be up-to-date on ye olde friends list.
Don't worry, there is nothing wrong, I just have some mysterious buisness to take care of at the moment. I know, nothing is more important than LJ ;)

And on that note, I have some mysterious messages to deliver!

Mysterious Message to 13mmwrench:
CALL ME! I just e-mailed you my number.

Mysterious Message to diskozombie:
I'm a dummy who put the wrong address book in my purse. E-mail me your number again? Or just e-mail me if you're tired of giving it to me? ;)

Mysterious Message to thereject:
I love you.
Okay, that wasn't very mysterious.

*dissapears into a cloud of very mysterious smoke*
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